Dr. Celso Matos

Dr. Celso Matos

Professor Celso Matos

Celso Matos studied medicine at the Medical School of the University of Brussels, Belgium and obtained his Medical Degree Magna Cum Laude in 1980. After a fellowship in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology at the University of Brussels, he started his fellowship in Radiology at the department of Radiology at Erasme University Hospital in Brussels, Belgium in 1983.

As a board certified radiologist he joined the faculty in this department and led the MR imaging division since 1990. He became Professor of Clinical Radiology in 2001 at Erasme University Hospital. In late 2015 Celso Matos moved to Lisbon to start his current position as Head of the Imaging department at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown.

Celso Matos has been President of ESGAR (European Society for Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Radiology). He is also engaged in ESOR (European School Of Radiology) activities as a member of the ESOR steering committee. Through these commitments he is also actively involved in clinical societies and acts as a liaison between the world of radiologists and the world of clinicians.

As a radiologist he contributes to the imaging programme of several annual meetings and regularly co-organises radiological-clinical educational events.

Celso Matos’ main areas of clinical and research interest are abdominal and oncologic imaging. His main focus is multidisciplinary research in pancreatic cancer and related disorders, and validation of Imaging Biomarkers for prediction of response to cancer treatment.

For his scientific work Celso Matos has received awards from his peers, including the European Radiology 2006 best scientific publication.

Celso Matos has (co) authored over 100 papers and authored over 10 book chapters. He has been part of the Abdominal Section of the European Radiology Editorial Board since 2014 and has been appointed Associate Editor of Radiology in November 2016. He acts as peer-reviewer for, among other journals, European Radiology, Radiology (awarded 5 times as distinguished reviewer), AJR, and Gut.

Celso Matos has delivered over 300 invited lectures in radiological and clinical society meetings around the world. He received the European School of Radiology Best teacher Award in 2014.